A Cowboy Riding Through The Wild West.

This Is Hilarious.

There was once this cowboy riding through the wild west:

One day, off in the distance, he sees a small cloud of dust.

So he rides his horse up to it, and finds its an old man laying on the ground with his c0ck sticking out of his pants!

The cowboy gets off his horse and asks. “What are you doing?”

The old man replies. “Me tell time! Pen!s acts as a sundial.”

The cowboy in disbelief says. “Ok, what time is it?”

The old man looks down at his pen!s and says. “It’s a 3:35.”

“That’s amazing, your right!”

The cowboy says in amazement.

So he hops onto his horse and keeps going.

Riding along further, he sees the same thing, gets off his horse, and thinking the last old man was a fluke, asks this one the time.

The old man looks down at his ‘one-eyed bandit’ and says. “4:40.”

The cowboy is stunned, the time was right again!

Shaking his head he hops back onto his horse and rides again.

After riding a while again, he sees yet another old man on the ground with his ‘bald headed champ’ except he was jerk!ng off.

The cowboy hops off his horse and says. “And what are you doing”?

The old man replies.

“Me winding clock.”

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