A Cattle Farmer Had Three Sons.

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A cattle farmer had three sons Mark, Jakob, and David.

Mark and Jakob weren’t much for farm life.

Mark took off at 16 for the city and didn’t come back.

Jakob waited until he completed college, whenceforth he became a businessman and lawyer.

David, however, stayed with his father on the farm his whole life to continue raising cattle.

Eventually, the farmer grew old and ill.

On his death bed, he had managed to call for all his sons to come to see him in the hospital.

Mark wanted nothing of the farmland, and to continue his life as a vagrant.

Jakob knew there was much profit to be made off the land, and he wanted to sell it and let it become a strip mall or casino.

David wanted to continue his hard work and dedication on the farm.

The old farmer had to make a choice as to whom would get the farmland.

He knew his best option was David, who he knew would take great care of the land and cattle.

Jakob exclaimed, “But there could be so much money made from that land!”

The old man looked at his son Jakob and firmly replied,

“Well, if you don’t like it, then you can kiss my dairy-heir.”

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