An Elderly Couple Goes To The State Fair.

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An elderly married couple goes to the state fair…

They’ve been going to this fair since the fifties.

Sometime in the late sixties-early seventies the fair started offering helicopter rides.

Year after year, Ethel would ask Lester

“Honey, can we go on a helicopter ride?”

Being brought up during the Great Depression his reply was always

“Honey, that ride is twenty dollars, and twenty dollars is twenty dollars.”

This time, the man running the helicopter rides overhears the conversation and chimes in

“Look, you two have been coming here year after year and never once have you taken a ride. Tell you what: I’ll make you a deal. If I take you on a ride, and you can manage to stay silent the entire time, it’s on the house.”

Ethel exclaims

“Oh please Lester! I can be quiet, and I know you can. Let’s face it, we’re both getting on in years, this could be our last chance!”

Lester relents and agrees.

They climb into the helicopter and the pilot takes off.

He does everything he can to get a reaction from the two. Going up, down, side to side…

If you could do a barrel roll in a helicopter, he’d’ve done it.

When their time is up, he starts letting the copter down and prepares to land, saying

“I’m pretty impressed. I did things that even scared me, but you two didn’t make a peep. Congratulations, this one’s on me.”

To which Lester replies

“yeah, I almost said something when Ethel fell out, but twenty dollars is twenty dollars.”

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