An Elderly Priest Was Trying To Find A Quiet Spot For His Morning Fondle.

This Will Blow Your Mind.

An elderly priest was trying to find a quiet spot for his morning fondles:

He found a nice comfy spot and began.

No sooner than he had started he saw the flash of a camera through the window, f**k he thought someone has caught we wanking.

So he quickly pulled his pants up and ran outside, he saw a tourist running away, but the priest was faster and desperate and eventually caught the tourist.

He offered to buy the camera from the tourist.

How much said the old priest, the tourist told him $3000, as he knew the priest would not want the picture to get out.

“you [email protected] said the priest, but he paid it.

Anyway back in the church mother superior was strolling past and noticed the new camera.

“Oh wow is that a new camera?” Said mother superior.

“Yes.’ Said the priest.

“How much was that?” She asked.

“It was $3000.” Replied the priest.

“$3000 for a camera?” Said mother superior.

“Someone saw you coming.”

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