Fred Traveled To Canada For His Yearly Hunting Trip.

This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

Duck hunting season had just opened and Fred traveled to Canada for his yearly hunting trip.

On his first day out on the lake, he was pretty successful and bagged 3 beautiful waterfowls.

On his way back to his cabin for lunch, he is stopped by the Game Ranger on his boat.

The ranger takes a peek inside and notices that he had a few ducks, and started chatting with Ole’ Fred.

He says,

“Looks like you had a pretty decent day out on the lake, but I’m going to have to verify you have the proper hunting licenses with you ‘eh.”

Snagging the first fowl by the feet he shoves his index finger down its b*tthole pulls it out and takes a big whiff *sniiiiifff*

“Looks like this guy is a Canadian Goose. You got a Canadian Hunting License Sir?”

Old Fred without hesitation pulls out his Canadian Hunting License from his shirt pocket.

“Well then,” says the Ranger, grabbing another duck, proceeding to shove his finger knuckle deep into its [email protected] crevice.

*sniiiifffff* “This one here is a West Kansas Short-Tailed Duck. You got a Kansas Hunting License buddy?”

Again without missing a beat Old Fred has that Kansas License out ready to display.

“Alrighty,” Declares the Ranger continuing his dirty deed.

*sniffffff* “This guy is a California Swan. I’d bet you don’t have a California Huntin’ License ‘Eh?”

Mr. Fred pulls that License out of his pocket and the Ranger is dumbfounded.

“My goodness sir.” Stammers the Ranger,

“You mean to tell me you have a Canadian, a Kansas, and a California Game and Wildlife Hunting License… What parts do you come from pal?”

Fred stands up drops his britches bends over and says,

“I don’t know.. Why don’t you tell me?”

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