A Guy Gets Stranded On A Desert Island.

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A guy gets stranded on a desert island and he’s there alone for years.

The only fun thing he can do to pass the time is jerk off.

After a while, he gets sick of it though and wants to have s*x.

But the only other living thing on this island is this goat.

So he decides he’s going to f*ck the goat.

But every time he gets hard and behind the goat, the goat takes off.

The goat wants nothing to do with it.

So he gives up.

A couple of years later he’s sitting on the beach and he sees some splashing in the water, so he swims out there only to find a beautiful woman who’s drowning.

She’s also naked.

So he brings her to shore and she’s so grateful.

She says.

“Oh my God, thank you for saving me. I’m so grateful. I’ll do anything to repay you, ANYTHING!.”

The man gets a sly look in his eyes and points toward the hill and says.

“Well, would you hold down that goat for me?”

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