A Horse, A Cow, And A Chicken Live On A Farm.

This Will Make You Laugh Silly.

A horse, a cow, and a chicken live on a farm.

One day their owner goes on vacation but accidentally leaves the TV on.

The animals peek in the window and witness a rock concert on the TV, they’re inspired.

So the horse calls up guitar centre and asks

“hey I want to learn the guitar, but there’s one problem: I’m a horse.”

The employee says “no problem come right down we’ll teach you everything you need to know” and before you know it, he’s jamming out on the guitar.

After that, the cow calls too and says

“hey I want to learn how to play the bass but there’s a problem: I’m a cow” to where the employee replies “awesome! We have special bass lessons just for cows this week come on down!”

And before you know it the horse and cow are jamming in harmony with their guitar and bass.

Lastly the chicken calls and asks for drum lessons, to where he is accepted with open arms.

They are now all jamming in the barn and having a blast.

A few days later, a record producer coincidentally walks through town and sees the horse, cow, and the chicken making music.

He instantly knows he has to make them famous and offers them a deal.

Now the horse, cow, and chicken are famous, worldwide rockstars making millions of dollars and even moved off the farm to a luxurious estate.

With the fortune came fame and life were great.

One day, on the way to tour before boarding the plane, the horse gets a phone call, his mom is sick!

The cow and the chicken say “don’t worry we’ll go without you, catch up and the tour will continue it’ll be fine”

so the horse goes to check on his mother. It turns out it was a false alarm, but the plane crashes and the cow and chicken die.

The horse is devastated, the money power and fame are gone, the music is in the past, and he is back to the barn, but alone without his friends.

In agony and desperation after such a long journey, he decides to get a drink.

He walks into the bar and the bartender asks:

“Why the long face?”