The Lion Is Celebrating A Party.

This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

The lion is celebrating a party.

All animals are invited, only the hamster is not.

The hamster does not want to miss the party and asks the rabbit:

“Hey, rabbit, can´t you smuggle me in behind your big ears to the lion’s party?”

The rabbit´answers,

“Nope, I’m not tired of life, if the lion noticed that, it would be my end.”

The hamster then asks the fox:

“Listen, fox, can´t you smuggle me in your bushy tail to the lion’s party?”

The Fox: “Are you crazy, if the lion gets it right, then i´ll be dead.”

Finally, the hamster asks the bear and he says,

“No problem, I can smuggle you in my breast pocket.”

When the bear visits the party in the evening, the lion asks him:

“I’ve heard that the hamster wants to be smuggled into my party, you probably will not support him, will you?”

The bear: “No, of course not!”

The lion then says, “Then you certainly don´t mind emptying your breast pocket.”

The bear answers:

“Sure, no problem, here’s my purse, here’s my bowl, here’s my ID.”

Suddenly the bear hits the chest with full force.

“And here’s a picture of the hamster.