Little Johnny Is Having A Difficult Time With The Math Lesson.

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Little Johnny is having a difficult time with the math lesson so…

The teacher, Miss Cooper decides to use a situation that little Johnny can relate to.

She knows little Johnny likes to hunt birds so she asks little Johnny

“if there are if 5 birds on a wooden fence and you shoot one how many are left”?

Little Johnny replies “none” once you shoot one the other birds fly away.

Miss Cooper replies “well Johnny that’s not exactly the answer I was looking for but I like the way you’re thinking”.

Johnny replies “I can ask you a question Miss Cooper” –

“sure Johnny” she replies.

Johnny asks

“if 3 women are eating ice cream and the first one is licking the ice cream daintily, the second one is biting into the ice cream and letting it melt in her mouth while the third one is feverishly licking the ice cream while it drips down the sides and then proceeds to bite the bottom of the cone and suck the remaining ice cream out of the bottom… which one is married?

“Well” blushes Miss Cooper

“I guess it would be the third one” –

“no” says Johnny

“it’s the one wearing the wedding ring – but I like the way you’re thinking.

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