Little Johnny Was Sitting At The Rear Of His English Class.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

Little Johnny was sitting at the rear of his English class

The teacher asked if anyone could give a sentence with the word indefinitely

Johnny sticks his hand high up in the air and says

‘pick me, pick me’

the teacher thinks to herself, he’s a rude little [email protected], I’m not picking him and picks Mary

Mary stands up and says ‘My brother is really sick and will be away from school indefinitely’.

‘Very good Mary’ says the teacher ‘Who’s next’

Once again little Johnny sticks his hand up shouting

‘pick me, pick me’ and again the teacher refuses and picks Tim

Tim stands up and says ‘Bus drivers are on strike at the moment and buses are cancelled indefinitely’.

‘Well done Tim’ says the teacher ‘anyone else?

This time, there were no other takers, only Johnny shouting loudly from the back,

So the teacher has no choice, ‘okay Johnny, tell us your sentence’

Johnny stands up, thrusting his waist back and forth and says

As my balls slapped on her arse, I knew that I was in definitely’

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