Little Johnny Staring At Something On The Ground.

This Will Make You Laugh Silly.

A father notices his young son Little Johnny staring at something on the ground.

The father approaches Little Johnny and asks what he’s looking at.

The Little Johnny says that he sees two daddy long legs on top of each other, and asks what they’re doing.

The father replies that the two spiders are having s*x.

It’s a completely natural thing that a mommy and daddy do when they love each other.

The Little Johnny then asks

“if one is a daddy long leg and the other is a mommy long leg.”

The father says that

“they’re both daddy long legs.”

The Johnny stomps on them, killing them.

The father asks why he did that.

The Little Johnny replies

“I don’t want any of that faggot-a$s sh!t in my yard.”

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