Little Johnny Wakes Up One Night Hearing Noises From His Parents Bedroom.

This Is Insane.

Little Johnny wakes up one night hearing noises from his parents bedroom

He opens the door to his parents room and sees mom, handcuffed to the bed’s headboard, dad ramming her from behind. Johnny screams.

Dad turns to looks at him, laughs and gives mom a slap on the bum for good measure. Johnny runs away, screaming.

Once dad has finished mom off, he uncuffs her.

She immediately says, ‘You better go tell Johnny everything is OK, the shit he just saw could scar him for life”.

Dad rolls his eyes and begrudgingly agrees.

Pulls on his robe and heads for Johnny’s room only to find it’s empty.

He then heads for the TV room but when he passes the guest room, he notices the door is ajar, noises coming from inside.

He opens the door to look in and sees [email protected] on her hands and knees, little Johnny f*cking her from behind. Dad screams.

Johnny turns around looks at him and says

“Yeah, not so funny when it’s your mom huh?”

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