A Lizard Is Walking Through The Jungle .

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A lizard is walking through the jungle …

And sees this monkey in a tree smoking w*ed and says,

“Hey monkey what are you doing up in that tree.”

“Oh, I gotta smoke up this here w*ed. You should come up and help me.” replied the monkey.

“Well, O.K. I’ll be right up.”

So the monkey and the lizard are smoking up the w*ed, getting pretty f*cked up and philosophizing about how harsh the jungle can be.

After a while, the lizard starts to get thirsty.

“I’ll be right back. Gonna get a drink from the river.”

The lizard heads to the river for a drink but is so high that he falls in the river and starts to drown.

An alligator sees him drowning and feels bad for him.

If the alligator had a son, he would look a lot like that lizard; he’d be damned if he let that little lizard drown.

Carrying the lizard safely to the shore, the alligator asks,

“What happened lizard? How could you be so careless, man?

“I’m f*cked up. Gator, I’m really f*cking high. This monkey in a tree has got the sack of budah he needs to-

“A monkey-

“Yeah, in a tree-

“A monkey in a tree got you so high you nearly drown? I gotta meet this monkey.”

So the alligator heads into the woods in search of the monkey.

There, plain as day, is the monkey with huge blunt smoking away.

“Hey, monkey!” shouted the alligator.

The monkey took a long confused look at the alligator and said,

“Holy sh!t man, how much water did you drink?”

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