A Man Is In A Terrible Marriage.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

A man is in a terrible marriage his wife is a nag, they fight all the time, and the fire has gone out.

He goes to a pet store to look for a companion.

He’s thinking a dog would be good company, but the man behind the counter comes up to him, recognizing the despair the customer is in.

“Hey buddy, I have just the thing for you,” he says, chuckling.

He leads the man to the counter and pulls out a small cage with a big guinea pig inside.

The man is unimpressed,

“a guinea pig? My marriage is a sham and I’m lonely. How is a guinea pig going to help?”

The shopkeeper smiles, opens the cage, and places the pig on the counter.

It looks up at the man, unzips his fly, and proceeds to give him the best bl0wjob he’s ever had in his entire life.

When he’s finished, the shopkeeper puts the pig back in the cage, and the man shakily asks “h-how much?”.

He pays and leaves and heads home with a smile on his face and whistling a tune.

He opens the door, walks into the kitchen, and places the pig’s cage onto the counter.

His wife grumpily asks

“you’re such an idiot, why did you buy such a animal?”

The man looks at her and says

“teach this to cook and clean, and then get the f*ck out”.

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