A Monkey Is Sitting On A Riverbank, Smoking Weed.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

A monkey is sitting on a riverbank, smoking weed.

A frog, swimming by, gets a whiff and makes a beeline to the shore:

‘Hey, dude! Mind if I take a puff?’

‘Get out of town,’ says the monkey.

‘You’re so small you’ll be off your face after the first hit.’

‘Oh come on, just a little bit! I’ve always wanted to try it.’

‘Well, you asked for it.

Just remember: don’t breathe out right away. Take a dive and sit there as long as you can.’

So the frog takes a hit, holds its breath and dives underwater.

After a while, a crocodile swims by, notices a clearly high frog and asks:

‘Hey, where did you get the stuff?’

‘Ask the monkey.’

The crocodile comes up from the water, and the monkey stares at it wide-eyed:

‘Frog, breathe the f*ck out!!!’

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