An Old Man With Broken Glasses Went To See An Optometrist.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

An old man with broken glasses went to see an Optometrist

He brings a newspaper with him and said that he can’t read.

So the optometrist checked his eyes and give him a generic reading glasses.

“Can you read now?” Asked the optometrist.

“Nope. I can’t read.” Said the old man promptly.

Confused the optometrist go look for different glasses and give it to the old man.

“How about now?” He asked again.

“Nope. Still can’t read.” The old man said.

The optometrist getting more confused and asked the old man to tried other glasses that specially made in Germany with the highest quality.

But alas, the old man still can not read.

The optometrist keeps trying and asked the old man to try all different glasses until all of his stocks run out.

But the old man still can not read.

Frustrated, the optometrist says “

You already tried all the glasses I have here, but none of it is working. I don’t know why you still can’t read.”

The old man, still holding the newspaper said

“Because I’m illiterate. Can you read the news for me?”

Moral of the story:

Define the problem first before you come up with a solution. Also, be careful with old people. They are savage.

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