An Old Man Goes To The IRS Building To Settle His Debts.

This Will Surely Make You Go ROFL.

An old man goes to the IRS building to settle his debts, on entering an agent mocked the old man for his age.

Out of spite, the old man bet the agent $2000 that he could bite his eye.

The agent took him up, and to his surprise the old man laughs and takes out his glass eye, then bites it.

Angered, the agent bet him $4000 that he couldn’t bite the *other* eye.

With a smirk the old man takes out his dentures and bites his other eye with them.

Seeing the agent lose his cool, the old man called another bet for $20000 that he could piss from the top of the agent’s desk into a far away wastebasket without spilling a drop.

The Agent agreed, for he believed that would be impossible.

The old man climbs onto the desk and pisses all over it.

The agent sees the failure and jumps for joy, then immediately another agent screams with fury.

“What’s wrong, Jim?” The first agent asks.

“You don’t understand!” He said.

“On the way in here that man bet me $400000 that he could piss on your desk and you’d be happy about it!”

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