A Rabbit Town Hall Meeting Was Held To Discuss Recent Events.

This Will Blow Your Mind.

A rabbit town hall meeting was held to discuss recent events…

A wolf had been coming to the meadow at night, and had killed and eaten a rabbit every night for the past week.

They decided to put a watch rabbit on watch.

When the wolf came, the watch rabbit would shout “wolf”, and they would all hide.

Naturally, they chose Roger, who the best eyesight.

Unfortunately, Roger had a stutter. T

hat night, the wolf came, and Roger shouted “w… w… w… w… w… w… ” and by the time he managed to say “wolf”, the wolf had already killed and taken a rabbit.

They held another town meeting, and decided that when they heard Roger say “w… w… w… w… w… w… ” they would run and hide.

That night, the wolf came, Roger shouted “w… w… w… w… w… w… ” and the rabbits ran and hid.

This happened for a few more nights and the wolf gave up and went hunting elsewhere.

The rabbits were very happy and held a big celebration, and awarded Roger a medal.

Roger said, “hip hip”, and everyone replied “HOORAY!”

“hip hip”


“hip hip”


And a hippo came and ate them all.

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