A Rottweiler, A Chihuahua, And A Cat All Die.

This Is Super Funny.

A rottweiler, a chihuahua, and a cat all die and appear before the Judgment Seat of Heaven.

God asks the rottweiler,

“Why should you get into Heaven?”

The rottweiler says, “I protected my family for years, and died saving them from a crazed killer.”

God says, “Well done, boy. Come sit at my right hand. How about you, Mr. Snuffles?”

The chihuahua says “I didn’t die heroically, but I did provide love and comfort to an elderly lady in her last years.”

“Good enough. Come sit on my left.”

God turns to the cat.

“How about you? Why should you get into Heaven?”

The cat looks up and calmly says,

“because you’re in my chair.”

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