Three Old Men In A Nursing Home.

This Will Blow Your Mind.

A 70-year-old, 80-year-old and 90-year-old men in a nursing home were talking.

“Being 70 is the worst!”

The 70-year-old exclaims.

“Every morning at 7, I wake up to pee, but nothing comes out!”

“Oh, that’s nothing!”

The 80-year old says.

“Each morning at 8, I wake up to poop, and I sit on the toilet for what seems like hours, but nothing comes out!”

“Oh, that’s nothing,”

The 90-year old says.

“I have it the worst!”

“Can you pee?” The first man asks.

“Certainly! Every morning at 7, I pee like a champion.”

“Can you poop?” The second man asks.

“Yes, I can! Each morning at 8, I have a regular bowel movement.”

“Then I don’t understand what the problem is!” The first man says.

“Well, I wake up at 9!”

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