Two Elderly Couples Were Having Dinner.

This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

Two elderly couples were having dinner.

When one of the men says to the other man of the group,

“Hey Stan, tell us about the college course you recently took!”

Stan looks up from his dinner and says,

“Oh, it was great! It was a memory class to help me to remember things better.”

“Did it work?” the other guy asks.

“Sure did! I’m remembering stuff more efficiently now.”

“It was a big improvement.”

“What was the name of the school?”

Stan looks off into the distance, furrows his brows and asks,

“What is the name of the flower… usually comes in a dozen…has thorns…?”

” Rose?” the other man asks.

Stan looks to his wife,

“Hey Rose, what was the name of that school I went to?”