An Unmarried Friend To A Married Friend.

This Will Make You Laugh Silly.

An unmarried friend to a married friend:

Is it a truth or a myth that behind every successful man there is a woman..!?

Another friend: No, it’s not true it in fact, is a myth!

Unmarried friend: But then, we have grown up hearing this .. how come it is a myth and not true, will you mind telling me?

Married friend: Well bro, it so happened that a very rich king possessed a big pond and over there he kept his own, quite a lot of crocodiles as pets.

He once announced that anyone who can swim across the pond and come alive would be rewarded a whopping 6 million dollars and if dies his family would get half a million dollars.

Nobody dared accept the offer however one man jumped into the pond from the crowd and somehow, luckily came alive successfully!

The crowd was all praised for his bravery and started congratulating him along with the king who gave him 6 million as promised.

Everything was ok with the man but he was still wondering why he did not jump into the pond but someone from the huge crowd had pushed him from behind and he was anxiously trying to find who that person was, who had pushed him from behind and after a lot of persuasions finally he found it was his wife who had pushed him into the pond full of crocodiles and that is how, from there on, the myth”

Behind every successful man, there is a woman” started